Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Adventures of Bayou Billy - NES

If your in to game reviews, then most people have heard about Bayou Billy. So I won't go into what the game is about or what works and what doesn't. Instead just give a little blurb or my time with the game.

This was one of those games that once I saw it being advertised, I had to play it. Perhaps I can thank my dad for wanting this a little more than usual. My Dad was big fan of the Crocodile Dundee movies, which in turn, so was I. So this was like playing Crocodile Dundee, although the guy wasn't Australian and there arn't any Crocodiles in the game, only Alligators.

But he had a hat and wore a vest and had a big knife like Crocodile Dundee, so for a kid, that's good enough for me.

Unfortunately, my parents rule of," You don't get a new game until you've finished the one you got" was in full effect. I don't remember what game I was playing at the time, but remember that "that" was the main reason they weren't going to shell out full price for new game.

So what does a little kid do, he rents it of course. But I come from a small place where 10 games come into town once a month. So getting your hands on the game on a weekend was next to impossible. But I would go early in the morning and wait out infront of the door to rent the game or get the person inside to call me when the game came back. So I run home and wait for the call that the game is in and come get it.

I was super excited when I finally got my hands on this. I died left right and center, but I didn't care, I was Crocodile Dundee, or some weird version of him. But after the Coolness factor wore off and I wanted to really get into enjoying this game and seeing the driving levels and what boss do I fight next. It was then I found out that I wasn't getting anywhere with this game.

I spent all weekend playing this game and only made it to the second level. It was very frustrating and hard. It was too easy to lose life, everything killed you. It was clear that this game was not a rental game that you can play in a weekend and enjoy. It was clear that this was utter shit. I brought the game back that Monday and never thought of it again. I had my fill of Bayou Billy.

It was clear that it wasn't Crocodile Dundee, cause if it was, I would have kicked some serious ass. Not this Billy pussy, "oh watch out billy!!, there's a fart blowing your way!!". Damn, he got hit.

The game is just too hard to be fun. I recently played again, but with the game genie, and it turns out to be just so repetitive. Its quite dull in places. But for the time back in 1989, holy cow!!

1989 before playing it -10/10

1989 after playing it - 0/10

Today, after having an appreciation for it -4/10


Loner Gamer said...

The beginning on that advertisement was... interesting.

I see that you have disciplined yourself well since a very young age in controlling your video game spending. ^_^