Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Beating Bioshock on Survival Mode - PS3

My fourth Platinum Trophy is courtesy of BioShock. Yeah, I know I'm way behind the times for this game. But whether you played it when it first came out, or now, its still a great game.
The main reason for playing this game until now was, I didn't own a Xbox and when I finally did get an Xbox, I heard it was coming out for the Ps3 with Trophies. Then when it did come out it was $55.00. This was 3 years after the release date, so I waited a few months and it went down to $30. This game is a steal for $30, especially with all the new content. So I'm glad I waited.

So if you played the Xbox version, it goes up to Hard. The Ps3 version has a step up, Survival. DUuu, Duuu Duuuuuuuuuu!!!! The last trophy, beat the game on survival mode and beat the game without using vitality chambers. That part is easy, just save alot. IF you die, reload from last save, done and done.

My first play through was on Hard, and to be honest, I really didn't notice it to be ridiculous hard at all. If you play any FPS, then just be quick with your shots and dodge and move. But on Survival, I am always a little nervous playing a level up from the "HARD" mode. Hell mode, nightmare mode, etc, they all have that, "your not gonna like this" tone about them.

But Survival mode is hard in the beginning, because most things can kill you in 2-3 hits. But has you progress and get upgrades, it gets alot easier. So here are my tips for beating Bioshock on Survival mode.

1) Save often, every time I entered a new room that I knew would be enemies, I saved.
I forgot to save once after beating a Rosie and end up being beat by a slicer in the next room and went back to fighting the Rosie again.

2)When you get the camera, take pictures of all the enemies. This will make your life alot easier when you upgrade your damage on all these enemies and the new tonics they give you.

3)Upgrade your physical and Combat tonics slots first. These will greatly improve your defense against baddies

4)Plasmids, the only ones I used was Electric Bolt level 3, telekinesis, incinerate level 1, hypnotize big daddy level 2. All these worked just fine, which makes it easier to spend your adam on other physical and combat tonics.

5)Fighting Big Daddies, In survival, the big daddies can kill you in one hit and the Rosies can kill you in 2 shots, or one grenade. They don't mess around in Survival mode. What I did was look for a spot in the area that I could play peek-a-boo or run around in circles. Like a fruit stand, or some machinery that I could just constantly run around. Turn and shoot and keep moving. Always have full healing items before starting a fight with one of these on Survival mode, You'll need them.

6) One may think that you will have to conserve ammo on survival mode. Well in the beginning level, yes. But once you get into the second level, you can pretty much pummel the baddies with your bullets. The 3rd level and up, I was pretty much always had full ammo.

That's about it, I died alot, but no where near as much has killzone 2. So far, killzone elite mode was the hardest I've played on any game. Bioshock was a breeze compared to that. So go ahead, get yourself a Platinum trophy, it was pretty easy. Time consuming, but not ridiculous hard.

Another side note, I was looking over the trophies and they have a list of DLC trophies, which I thought I would have to download the extra content to get my platinum trophy. But nope, you can beat the game and get all the regular trophies and still get your platinum trophy. Although my completion is 86%, I don't have to pay an extra $10 bucks to get the platinum. I likey that!!

Great game. Not too excited about the 2nd, no reason, just because. I waited 4 years for Bioshock, I can wait just has long for the 2nd one.


Instead of game shots, which everyone has seen. I figure a bunch of game art would be more interesting.


Loner Gamer said...


I really should get back to this game - I own the 360 version. I probably played about 5 hours of it before I got distracted by other games. Maybe I'll play it again after I get my action-rpg fix all taken care of.

Blake said...

yeah, not what you mean. I get the itch every now and then to play some RPG.

IT doesn't happen very often. RPG's these days are so friggen long.

I just don't have the time to devote. I be playing the same game for months.