Thursday, April 2, 2009

Sonic Spinball - Sega Genesis

My best friend lent me this game back in 1993 to play. He said that it was too hard and too stupid. Granted I don't like pinball or pinball type games. But I did like the Sonic games, so I figure I give it a shot. I really don't remember much about the game, only that I got really good at shooting the ball(sonic) where I wanted him to go. Thanks to the release of all the sonic games, I was able to go back to this classic and give it another shot.

My overall feeling for this game?..Its damn fun, really fun. I didn't mind dying and doing the stage over again, which is how all good games should be. I enjoyed trying to shoot and hit targets and get the elaborate (OK, not that much) set ups in the game.

The game play itself is sonic trying to stop eggman, but this time he has to get to eggman via a pinball system. Hit this thing to open that thing, and shoot through this hoop to hit the marker and ping yourself to the next level. Its really fun.

I'll admit that later on, it gets to the point where if you miss a shot, you can easily be sent screaming back to where you just started, But for once I didn't mind. I found it really entertaining bouncing my way back up to the top with all the bumpers and switches.

I think the reason that this game was not received well was the main reason of the game. Its a pinball game. I admit, I don't like them either, but this was really fun, something new and different, and even playing it today I had great fun. I finished the game, all 4 worlds in under 3 hrs. It was a great time. But If I had bought this game back in the day and paid $50 for it, I think 3 hrs would have been a jip. It has some replay value, trying to hit all the markers make certain events happen that one would normally have to work hard for, rock slides, volcanoes etc.

But overall, for a 1st time run through, this was a great memorable play.

Has a treat, mainly because I started working in a new industry making video games, I thought it was cool that I found a sprite sheet of sonic for the game.

Its people like these that I don't understand. Everyone likes games, but how much do you have to play it to hit every part dead on, everytime, its crazy. Even a friend of a friend I know plays street fighter 4 religiously, that's all he plays, for 4-6 hrs a day. He doesn't play video games, except this one and only game. I guess if you play nothing else but one game, you have to become an idiot savant.


Loner Gamer said...

Sonic Spinball was fun but they could have bump up the speed a bit. This game was one of the last few Genesis games I have purchased back then.