Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Kangaroo - Atari 2600

Holy Shit, its a Monkey Punchin' Kangaroo!!

You see, your kid is at the top of the level and you are at the bottom and you have to get to him and punch apple throwing monkeys along the way. TADA!!! I'm going to make a game where you have to punch cross throwing nuns, and you play has Hitler!

This game was pretty simple, your basic Donkey Kong rip off, but seeing has I didn't own Donkey Kong on the Atari 2600, this was the next best thing. In fact I rather enjoyed punching the monkeys. Although it was difficult to time the punches to hit the monkeys and even harder to time it so you punched the apples they threw, I had a good time. In fact it was probable one of the few games that had you punching something, actually physical violence against animals.

My memory of this game was when my religious cousins came over to play and I remember thinking, "I wonder if its OK for "God" people to see monkeys getting Punched?" and being almost embarrassed when their Dad, my Religious uncle coming in my room and looking at a game, where you punched monkeys in the head. Hey, what the hell did I know, I was 7.

But it was definitely one of my favourite games to play back then. Perhaps it paved the way for GTA, after all you got to start punching somewhere, might has well be monkeys.



Kelli said...

The kangaroo on the very top looked like he was lost, lol. Yea the ending music was kinda "out of place" but cool at the same time.