Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Seth's Review, A 10 yr old Perspective - Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets - PS2

So Seth is a big Harry Potter fan, he pretty much likes anything Harry Potter. He has read all the books by the time he was 9 which I think is amazing, cause I didn't read my first novel till I was12. I use to call them fat books, the harry potter books would have scared the shit outta me with the sheer number of pages when I was 9.

So, yeah, hes read the books, own some Harry Potter Merchandise and the movies and all the games to date. I've played some of them, they arn't entirely...wait wait, this is Seth's review, lets hear what he has to say about this particular game.

So I asked him to list the pro's and con's of Harry Potter and the Chamber of secrets, and his list goes like this,


Seth - You get to fly a Broom stick.
Darryl - That's important in games, I'm sure transformers the movie would have been better with broomsticks, sure has hell couldn't make it worse.

Seth- You get to learn names of famous witches and wizards.
Darryl - Now it sounds too much like work, I ain't up for games that me make learn. I'm glad you are though, LEARN ONWARD!!!

Seth- You can upgrade your spells and curses. Which is fun.
Darryl - Can't complain with that, I too like upgrading things.


Seth- They made you sneak past the prefects with no invisibility cloak.
Darryl - Sure makes sense, you get up in the middle of the night, you sleep in the bare buff, who has time to put pants on to go to the bathroom, stupid game!!!

Seth -They made overloads on spells, which means that when you used an overload spell, it took away your life.
Darryl -Sad to see that they are still putting stuff like that in games. I hate it when they give you special moves that drain your life. The older games were famous for doing that.

So some closing comments on the game then.

Darryl - So did you enjoy the game overall?
Seth - Yes, pretty good!

Darryl - So do you think God will not let you in heaven if you play Harry Potter Games like the crazy people in Jesus Camp?
Seth -Uhhh, I don't know, I have to find out what he thinks.....(giggle)

Darryl -Do you think that playing Harry Potter Games at a young age will lead to the path to the darkside or lightside?
Seth - That question will only be valid if you could play has both the evil and good side, unfortunately, I only got to play as Harry.
Darryl - (I'm not making this shit up, this is what he said)
Seth - Then add something from me, that sentence is not from, DARRYL, HAHAHAHAHA, Darryl stop it!!!!I mean it Darryl!!!

Darryl - Ok, So how many Harry Chickens do you give this game outta 5.
Seth-UMMM?????........hard to say, 3 Harry Chickens outta 5.

There you have it folks, another great review from the perspective of a 10 Year old.

Here is a Slytherin Map to Draco that Seth says will help!