Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Darkness - PS3

When this game first came out, it did interest me and didn't have enough buzz about it for me to pay the full price of it. So Last November I got it in the bargain bin and it has been sitting on my shelf ever since. So I figure I stop the new games I' ve been playing and finally get this one started and finished.

It doesn't have trophies because it came out before all the trophy hype. But it does have its own achievements, which are kinda fun, but I felt no reason to get a in game trophy. The game is based off the Top Cow comics, "The Darkness". I've never read any of these comics, only seen pictures of it. The game is a FPS, first person shooter, but in addition to guns you get Darkness powers. Its these darkness powers that set the game apart from you standard shooter.

One can complain that this is a mediocre shooter, and if it just had the gun elements, they would be right. But having darkness powers, makes it possible to handle every situation differently. For example, a group of guys are up ahead

1)I can have a shoot out, just like any other FPS
2)I can send demons into the fray and let them kill them by either sawing off their heads, exploding, electricity, pissing on them, etc
3)I can use the darkness snake/eel and make my way to the front and rip out their hearts
4)Throw a black hole in the middle of them and let them get sucked into another dimension.
All scenarios can be solved without firing a shot if need be and can be pretty gruesome! ME likey.

A little over view of the game: your a guy(jackie), who gets possessed by this demon(darkness) who draws his powers from the darkness, so going into the light is bad.(shoot out the lights) Hes in the mob, so the story revolves around dead girlfriend, family and betrayal. In the middle of all this, he is trying to understand what is happening to him. So we have the darkness story line that parallels the mob story line. Get revenge and what the hell is happening to me.

So overall, its got a great story, great voice overs, the darkness powers really kept me interested in the gameplay, lots of side missions, (much like GTA), and was pretty gory. The downside, it has some of the worst acting animation I've ever seen in a game. When the characters show emotion, angry, happy, down right pissed off, they all still have the same expression. You couldn't tell if he was happy or angry. They didn't give them any eye animation, sure he blinked, but could it have been that hard to add eyebrow animation to the characters?!

I must say that I was really surprised by this game. It shouldn't be overlooked by people thinking its your standard FPS. I really enjoyed the game, it was just its dated look that is its downfall. Still enjoyable.