Saturday, January 17, 2009

Chrono Trigger DS

I was one of the kids that was unfortunate enough not to own a copy of this game. I tried to rent it but it was always out at the local video store. I got to play it a few times but never was able to get that far into it, so when I heard it was coming to the DS I got excited!

I haven't really touched my DS in quite some time. I enjoy a few of the games but I hate games that mainly use the stylus cause they feel gimmicky and cheap. Chrono Trigger DS has an option to use the stylus , and it works, but you don't have to use it.

Most of the gameplay hasn't changed since the SNES version. The game really benefit's from the dual screen as most of the text and whatnot is on the bottom screen making the game less cluttered. The playstation cartoon scenes are put into the game, which is nice, but can be turned off if you wish.

There's a few extra dungeons, and a monster fighting/raising game but it feels a bit tacked on.

This game is my favorite RPG. If you haven't played it and you're a fan of old school games or RPG's with great story/atmosphere pick this one up!


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