Monday, November 3, 2008

Pain - PS3

This is a PS3 Exclusive. It seems that the PS3 is lacking in the exclusive dept. So woohoo for me.
Too many people have 360's, I have a total of 3 people on my network. Which makes for lacking friend mulitplayer. But one can download "Pain" for $9.99.

And some may say that this game gets old fast and becomes repetitive. The premise here is you launch people into a sandbox area , where the more things they hit, the higher the score. That's about it for the meat of the game. Sure it has some great "OHHHHH" moments or I can't believe they just did that. But I can see the appeal wearing off the average gamer.

But there is so much more to pain than just flinging a character around a city or amusement park. When you really start to get into the game, you can find out that it becomes like a giant game of mouse trap. Hit this thing which triggers the net, which hits the bowling ball, which blows up the car, now it crashes through the glass, hit the bomb , etc, etc. It takes some skill and alot of luck. Which makes this game alot of trial and error. But when you do land that perfect launch, their is a great sense of achievement.

Which is the next part of this game. There are a ton of achievements and Trophies for this game. And by no means are any of them easy to get. If its getting the trophy for getting hit in the nuts for the 500th time, or shooting yourself 300ft in the air. The achievements are pretty intense. And this is just the ingame achievements. The trophies are just has hard to get. I have yet to get even one. I have to say that these set of trophies are the hardest set of trophies I have come across for any game.

But trying to get these trophies, like I said before are alot of trial and error, but I don't find that it becomes tedious. The amount of damage you can cause by launching your character into a brick wall, with a gratifying SMACK, does entertain very well. I think its a little sadistic, but funny. I enjoy it anyway.

One thing I don't like about this game are the characters. There aren't many of them. I started out with 1 guy, 2 more that you have to unlock and the rest you have to buy for .99 cents. There are 10 in total that you can buy from the store along with a new level to shoot people around in. I did buy 5 characters. Mainly the girls with big boobs. Something funny about seeing a big titted girl getting whacked in the head by a giant foot that does not get old. Sadly there isn't a achievement or trophy for"whack a girl in the head 50 times".

This game is pretty fun and entertaining and I really like the title song and its not for younger kids. There are alot of sexual content in this game and vulgarity. Its entertaining in the way that the game with the polar bear and the penguins, where you have to whack the penguin with the bat to see how far you can make him fly. I'd recommend this game to anyone with a PS3. You don't have to download all the extras to get your fill of this game. But it does help


Great Trailer