Tuesday, July 15, 2008

New Xbox 360 Dashboard announced at E3

Microsoft has announced a new look to the 360's dashboard this fall/winter. The new look also has a bunch of new features including creating your character/avatar much like the Nintendo Wii's Mii.
Now I'm not a big fan of this idea as of yet, because I have no idea what this means about the dashboard backgrounds/ gamer pictures people have purchased over xbox live. Are they obsolete now? Will I be able to use the themes I downloaded? I hope so!

Another change will be new trivia games and easier access to joining/ inviting friends to play over Live...... using your little miis.... But you will be able to chat, share photos, and do other fun things like that.
The movie library will be getting better as well since microsoft has a deal with Netflicks.

One of the changes I think looks really good is the guide change. Just really nice and simple and easy to use. It gives a bit more access to everything you want to do quickly.

Overall it looks pretty good for now. I'm not a huge fan of the new dashboard look but then again I don't care as long as I can use my gamer pictures/themes and I really hope this update doesn't brick my 360.... that would really really suck.

To see the full video walkthrough of the new Xbox Dashboard click the link below.