Thursday, May 1, 2008

Grand Theft Auto 4- Things to do

Reviewing this game, right off the bat 10/10. It's just great! But I don't want to write a review for it. Instead I'm gonna tell you some things you can do in Liberty City.

1. Punch-a-thon- So in previous installments of the GTA series you could punch air while running. In this one though Niko (the main character) doesn't punch while running he pushes, so this may be a little more hard then previous games. Run down a populated section of Liberty City punching as many people as you can at least once just to see how many people you can get chasing you.
2. Whore Launcher- Pick up a prostitute but don't park anywhere. Instead drive as fast as you can towards a jump and just before the car hits said jump press the "y" button to exit the vehicle. The farther you launch your whore the better!
3. Angel of Death- Go inside the hospital to the patients in the beds. Walk up to each patient firing one bullet into their head playing the role of Death.
4. Drunken Suicide- See how far you can launch Niko from the windshield of your car while driving under the influence.
5. First Impression- Take some girl out on a first date to a Strip Club. While there spend all your money on other girls.
6. Second Impression- After a date get in a car and drive away from your date but just a little bit. Let her run to the car then drive a bit more away. Repeat until she made it home on foot. Then immediatly ask her if you can "Come inside with her."
7. (Online) Drunken Race- Name says all. Get drunk online with a friend and try to race somewhere across the map. Winner gets $5.
8. Stripper Pole Accident- Run into the strippers on stage knocking them off the pole. When the bouncers attack, run out of the bar and re-enter (after things have cooled down) and repeat the offence.
9. Enemy of the Poor- Find a bum and give him some change. Then walk a short distance away, get in a car, and run him down. It's like you paid to do it.
10. Leap of stupidness- Leap from the rooftop of a tall building trying to land on either the hood of a car or a pedestrian. The more pedestrians the better!

(Trailer-Everyone's a rat)