Friday, April 4, 2008

Medal of Honor Warchest - PC

Medal of Honor or MOH for all the geeks out there is a collection of 3 games. The original, Spearhead and Breakthrough, which are all treated like expansion packs for the game. But do add alot to the game, so one wouldn't feel like they are losing out on the experience.

I was first introduced to the game when I worked at a certain studio (W#%*@$D). During our dinner hours myself, fellow co-workers (Lindow and Griz) would setup LAN games. It was quite fun to blast ur buddy then hear cursing come from the other rooms. This happened alot. Especially when Lindow learned to master the rifle and ran around blasting me and Griz in one shot while we wail down on our SMG's and Machine guns which apparently doesn't fire bullets but instead fires bubbles and butterfly's.

But has time progressed, we all learned the ins and outs of the game. How to cook grenades.Which infuriated me when I be leaning over a ledge and a grenade would float up in front of my face and explode. Where before I knew what I was doing, my grenades would bounce past my target. Cook your grenades well people.

I couldn't tell you how many hours we all put into this game.This was just the Online part of it. We would even set up times to all get together and shoot eachother senseless on the weekends. It was great fun. The more the merrier.

The single play is great aswell. I could go on about how good this was and how great that was, this was good, this option was great. But I won't. It was a really fun game. For the amount of money I spent on warchest, I more than got my money's worth and then some. I have many a fond memories of online play. I would have to say its where I learned all my internet gaming jargon. Such as noob,which is a new online player, a newbie if you would.

It was great online fun, there were things I hated about playing online too, such has.
1) People who block doors and stand in front of you.
2) People who constantly shout out that you are cheating when they die
3) Cheaters, sharkers, people who alter their game code to make their guys shoot through walls, move unseen along the ground, one hit kills, speed boost, etc
4) Spawn killers
5) Team Killers

Those are just a few, but nothing is more satisfying then getting the rocket launcher and blowing the sweet shit out of a loud mouth arsole. I never had a headset during my whole game play so I became quite good at shooting and typing at the same time. Since them I have retired the MOH game but my game Alias is carried on to my new online games. All Hail Victory Class!!