Thursday, December 9, 2010

Michael "Shagg" Washington Is a Douche

Michael "Shagg" Washington who was a back up singer for Cypress Hill is suing Rockstar Games for using his likeness in GTA San Andreas. When I did a search for this guy I couldn't find one image of him in the main google search, I had to really hunt around to only find this one image.

Its that image that he says is like him, but not only that, its the whole premise of what is contained withing the game regarding the main in game character Carl Johnson. In the game a young black man grows up in a tough neighbour hood committing crimes and as a teenager he would ride around the neighbour hood on a bike in a gang, JUST LIKE MICHAEL WASHINGTON!!!!!!

He got into fights and committed crimes ON A BIKE!!! And there he is!! a image of him on the cover holding a AK-47 wearing a bandanna on his face!! How could you not know it was him??!!!

This is the biggest pile of shitballz I've ever heard! If that's the case then why hasn't some guy from the 80's come forward and said,"Oh wait, that guy in that game vice city...that was me. I used to do that kind of thing". Let all the hookers come forward and sue aswell, seeing as they would give BJ's to guys in a car behind a alley and then get beaten up and their money taken from them....oh my gawd. That's their real life....there are a ton of ladies of the evenings lawsuits just waiting out there to be claimed. COME ON YOU HOOKERS, Get your shit together like Mr Washington Douche Bag here!!!!

I believe I saw a white guy walking around the city as well with a beard. That must have been me seeing as I too like to walk on sidewalks and stop to talk to random people. I think I may have a case here!!

If he wins this nonsense then this will change how developers work. I mean myself as a game artist, do concepts for games. When you are making a game based on real life gangs then you draw from that genre of life. So yes, you are going to have your typical Latino guy in a white shirt and shaved head with tattoo's, your going to have the tubby fat guy with a white shirt on and flannel shirt only button at the top wearing a hat over his fro with sunglasses.

These are things that we see, there for they get used. My gawd...This guy is a complete and utter moron and I hope they throw the book at him. Why did he wait 6 years to bring this up?? He says he doesn't play video games and one day (recently I guess) his nephew told him that he saw him in the game.

You can make that comment about most of the characters in any GTA game. I'm pretty sure that most games have sorta likeness that someone can relate too. This is stupid, he is stupid....a big stupid head douche bag money whoring gang banger!!


Kelli said...

If it were me I would have been honored that someone studied my life and used it to make a character of a game.

You make concepts for games that's really cool, is some of your work out?

Blake said...

Yeah, we make video games for mobile phones and iphone and such.

Take a look if you like, before that I worked in television doing kids cartoons. The last show we did was the Johnny Test shows for WB.

Its a different industry, art translate to video games took some getting used too.

Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree more. This guy is a major F- up ... I do not believe he has even a 1% chance of this case going to trial and he's definitely thinking he'll make money from this somehow, even the negative publicity. Straight up loser. This guy should be put out of his misery. F this country if a judge even considers the merits of this dudes case.

Blake said...

I'll be looking out for this case for sure. Unfortunately when large amounts of money like this are involved, they tend to be long drawn out cases.

So we probable won't see anything about it for quite some time.

Ryan said...

Thank you for writing this article. This dude is just trying to take money from Rockstar Games because he is a washed up has been and probably wasted all of his earnings that he got while coat tailing the success of Cypress Hill! I'm trying to find out if he won or not I hope he didn't because I would love to see a sequel to this fantastic game. No offense but just because you're black and grew up in the ghetto does not mean San Andreas was based off you. I hope this guy chokes on a dick and dies! Anyways thanks again for calling this douchebag out I hate him.

Blake said...

Yeah,If you find out what happend with the case, please post it up here, I 'd love to hear the details.